Zombies Can’t Jump

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Zombies Can’t Jump

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  Guess what? Zombie Apocalypse is here. Not a big suprise, but this time they can't jump but fortunately you can! :D Build a tower and shoot those Zombies before they get you. Do iiit do it noow! Weapons ...

Zombie Getaway

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I'm running free - yeah! I'm running....wait...WTF? Zombies? I'm running for my LIFE! :D Run as fast as you can and try avoid obstacles. Collect bonuses. Get stronger. Consider it done. Zombie Getaway has one of the...

Curse Village 5

481 Played0 Comments

Curse Village 5 is a splatter style zombie killing game. Try to defend yourself behind the barricades or get eaten by zombies. This game gets hard quickly! Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-...

I Remain – Zombie Puzzle Game

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This is a point and click zombie puzzle game. It is a bit challenging and different game to start up with, but you'll get the hang of it quick and fast. Check carefully everything around the house. Clues can be anyw...

Dude and Zombies

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You are alone in the forest and your car is broken. Hungry zombies are all around you and they try to eat you alive. Luckily this Dude is no ordinary Dude. Develop skills, buy new weapons and try to fix your car and...

Robots vs Zombies

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This is Robots vs Zombies! Defend base at all cost! Zombies have invaded the base and the plague has started. Final battle between Robots and Zombies is here. Who will win? You must use turrets and place traps or ot...

Shooter Action Massacre 2

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Welcome to ghost town! Where you should shoot any strange object that appear in the town! You will be driving a vehicle that is moving to the right and your duty is to shoot objects that suddenly appear. Mouse to...

Escape From Death House

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Escape From Death House is other escape game, you enter the house of the death, found that all people dead and dead again, want to know the mystery of Death House? Play Escape From Death House now.


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Halloween Solitaire is addicting and fun Halloween themed Klondike solitaire game . Yourrngoal is to arrange all cards from ace to king on the four foundations at the top of therngame.

Monster War Zone 3

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Use mouse to control. See in-game instructions.

Gravity is Wrong

413 Played0 Comments

Collect as many coins as you can and try to avoid getting squished.rnrnUse as/arrow keys to move or click on the screenrnrnP = Pause

Viviparous Dumpling

549 Played0 Comments

Maneuver the fetal dumpling with your mouse by grabbing, moving, and throwing him into the nutrient-rich sperm that fills its mothers womb. But be sure to avoid the evil toxoplasm! Four hits from them is all it takes ...


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Days of the Dead 3D

511 Played0 Comments

Welcome to Days of the Dead. An action packed Zombie survival FPS game. Can you take out the 3D Zombies while collecting enough food and water to make it to a new day? Each day you need to collect resources and get ba...

Zombie Shooter 3D Apocalypse Town

639 Played0 Comments

Sick of all these undead creatures everywhere? Well so are we! Show them what you are made of as a lone unit fighting off hordes of undead. How many can you kill and how long can you go on for? Use the mouse to aim an...

Sweets Monster

447 Played0 Comments

Sweets Monster is a 2D endless parkour game. The aim is to avoid all obstacles and to gather candy as much as possible to get a high score.

Knights vs Zombies

617 Played0 Comments

Zombies are attacking the castle get the King to send out units in this tactical defense game. You can upgrade units and battle zombies, great fun.

Zombie on Wheels: The Arrival

465 Played0 Comments

Help your friends to escape from infested city

Human Invasion !

651 Played0 Comments

A funny and arcade zombie theme twist on which you play the role of the zombie as a human so being the anomaly inside the zombie community, infecting every zombie by touch and turning them into humans that explode a...

Apocalypse Looting

604 Played0 Comments

Choose between dozens of weapons and shoot as many zombies as possible in this humorous zombie-shooter! Kill enough zombies, then reach the exit on time.

Zombie Situation

663 Played0 Comments

Zombies are coming and you must defend yourself. Kill all that come your way, build defenses and upgrade your weapons after you have defeated each wave. Survive each wave and you'll be rewarded with new weapons and de...

The Last Stand 2

654 Played0 Comments

Brace yourself and defend your territory. Zombies are coming and they are very hungry. They will stop at nothing just to eat you. Kill them all and blast them with your guns. The game's intense and very creepy. It tak...

Hell Cops

577 Played0 Comments

Hit and destroy everything that comes in your way. Drive your ferocious car and kill everything on site. The game's really fun and at the same time addictive. The basic mechanics for the game is that, you need to go a...

Zomg Zombies

553 Played0 Comments

Zombies with swords have come to attack you. Good thing you have equipped your gun. Kill them all and show them no mercy. Move your character by pressing the arrow keys and press space bar to shoot. The game can be ve...

Zombie Weeners

446 Played0 Comments

Zombies are coming and the only way to stop them is to feed them with zombie parts. The game is simple and very straight forward. All you need to do is feed the zombies and let them explode and die. It's really fun an...

Z4h Supermarket Bowling

550 Played0 Comments

If you want some bowling fun, then you won't be disappointed with this game. Instead of bowling pins, you hit zombies. The game is simple but fun. All you need to do is aim for the zombies. Press left click to control...

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

541 Played0 Comments

Zombies are coming for you. Shoot them all and show them their place. Do not show any mercy for you shall not receive any. The game is amazingly fun and the blood content for this game is highly welcome. It really fee...

Slender Space

1.08K Played1 Comments

Darkness surrounds you, have the courage to find a way in this space ship. Evil is all around, so you must not stumble on one. There's an evil creature that lurks in the shadows, be extra careful. The game is really c...

Zombies vs Kittens

495 Played0 Comments

It's time to kill some zombies. The game is rather hilarious, all you need to do is drop a cat to instantly kill a zombie. You can also do combos, if there are two zombies then you can kill them both. There's a timer ...

Zombie Massacre

557 Played0 Comments

The zombies are on the run and they are all after you. Equip your gun and blast the heck out of these zombies. Don't let them eat you. The game is simple but it pretty much gets the job done. Shooting the zombies can ...

Zombies Ate my Phone

393 Played0 Comments

Kill the waves of zombies and be able to save your friends from these horrifying creatures. You'll also kill bloody werewolves in this game. As you progress through the levels, enemies become tougher. There's also a h...

Zombies Vs Penguins

517 Played0 Comments

Zombies want to invade your land and kill all the penguins. You must help your fellow penguins by killing all the zombies with your staff. Your staff can shoot huge ball pellets against the zombies. Aim carefully and ...

Rolling Fall 3

475 Played0 Comments

Use your powerful knife and gut the chains of the huge boxes and let it land on the filthy and stinking zombies. The game is pretty fun and it lets you think as well. This is very enjoyable gameplay and zombie fans wi...

Zombie Face Ripper

476 Played0 Comments

It's time for some action. Shoot the zombies that run towards you and be victorious.  The game is very straightforward, all you need to do is shoot and proceed to the next level. You automatically run, so there's no n...

All We Need is Brain

589 Played0 Comments

Lure the zombies into their doom by using a brain's scent. Zombies are highly attractive to brain so they won't have any common sense, they will do anything just to eat the brain. The game's amazingly fun and it's rea...

Zombies the Beginning

396 Played0 Comments

Walk into the darkness and find out what's happening outside. Zombies are lurking in the shadows and you need to find a way to survive. The game is creepy and also lets you venture into horror and mystery. Evaluate ea...

Zombie Survival Sm

460 Played0 Comments

Here's another round of zombie survival. Control a different character and kill all the zombies that come your way. You can also place bombs on the ground to lure the zombies into a trap. The game's fun and also blood...

Zombie Survival

416 Played0 Comments

Zombies emerge from the ground and they want to eat your brain. Kill them all by shooting them with your gun. You can also use a grenade from your gun, this executes a powerful shot capable of burning all the zombies ...

Metalhead Zombies

403 Played0 Comments

These zombies are no match for your guns. Kill them all and get rid of these pricks. Go to the beam and get new guns. The game is really fun aside from it's blunt controls. However, if you get used to the controls, th...

Wasted Colony

535 Played0 Comments

You are one of the remaining survivors from the zombie outbreak. Go into a warehouse and prepare your defenses. The game lets you pick one out of three characters, a priest, politician and the fighter. Regardless of w...

Balloon Vs Zombie

404 Played0 Comments

Shoot and kill the zombies with your knife. There are also other weapons you can use, these weapons come in handy. Especially if the zombie is well hidden. The game's fun and entertaining. The gameplay isn't new but t...

Zombies Don’t Run

536 Played0 Comments

Get ready to bash some mindless zombies with your baseball bat. Run and don't get hit with obstacles that are scattered along the road. The game is really amazing and hitting zombies always feel fun and satisfying. Th...

Zomgies 2

379 Played0 Comments

Shoot the zombies while running on the streets. Take advantage of your surroundings and be on a look out for fuel drums, shoot at these things and you'll kill multiple zombies. The game's amazingly fun and polished. T...


336 Played0 Comments

Protect the citizens from the mindless zombies. The zombies won't think twice of eating everybody, so it's up to you to save them all. Use your bat and kill these filthy and stinking creatures. The game's surprisingly...

Bio Zombie Origin

383 Played0 Comments

Kill all the zombies and don't let them eat you. You find yourself in a capsule, and you have awoken. Shoot the boxes and get the items. These items will be useful for your survival. The game has three modes. Adventur...

Zombie Slayer

416 Played0 Comments

Use your chainsaw in the beginning and slaughter some zombies in the cemetery. As you progress, you'll pick up a gun as well but it's really satisfying using a saw to kill these filthy and stinking creatures. The game...

Zombie Tormentor

588 Played0 Comments

Have some fun time splitting zombies into half. The goal of the game is for you to let the zombie hit the three spikes and after which impaling it on a huge saw blade. In order for you to progress through the game, yo...

The Endless Zombie Rampage

549 Played0 Comments

Shoot countless zombies and survive each wave. Don't let them get you. You can also get new guns as you progress through the game. The zombies will stop at nothing to kill you. Gain enough experience to upgrade your p...

Zombie Master

384 Played0 Comments

Kill all the zombies and make sure you don't hit the civilians. The game's really fun and challenging. The game can be quite challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, then you'll shoot zombies like a pro ...

Zombie Exploder

523 Played0 Comments

Zombies are everywhere and they are on every floor of the building. It's up to you to fight back and survive this hellish nightmare. The game is really fun and engaging. Swing your arms and punch the zombies that get ...


386 Played0 Comments

You don't know where you are and you need to escape this "daymare". Control a young girl and traverse your way to the freaky area. Get keys to unlock doors. If you want to progress through the game, keys are very impo...

Anoynmous messages

376 Played0 Comments

Find all the anonymous messages and survive the forested area. Don't let evil get to you. The game is really scary. If you're not prepared then it's going to be very difficult for you to finish it. Get all the message...

More Zombies

404 Played0 Comments

You're hotdogs are the best in town. Everybody likes your hotdogs. They even love your ketchup, however, you ran out of ketchups. You bought a ketchup from an unknown company and you used the ketchup for your hotdogs....

Creative Kill Chamber

516 Played0 Comments

Shoot every enemy that stands in your way. Don't let them kill you. Find a way to block their attacks and make them suffer. The game is amazing, you'll not get bored. The gameplay fits the game well. You can hide from...

Light People on Fire

391 Played0 Comments

Light everyone on fire and make them all suffer. Don't let the rain get you, if it does, your fire will be extinguished. The game is actually fun. Burning people is quite enjoyable. It's funny seeing them run around a...

Stick Figure Penalty

459 Played0 Comments

Control a stick figure and decide the fate of this captured convict. Kill him by choosing any weapon presented to you. You can only do this once but you can always restart it and choose other weapons as well. The game...

Feed Me

569 Played0 Comments

You own a mini restaurant and all your customers are zombies. Take their orders and feed them scrumptious meals. After that, take their payment. The game is pretty easy but fun. Take each order and you have to be quic...

Furfur and Nublo

578 Played0 Comments

Control Furfur and Nublo and complete each level. The game is really fun, plus the art style integrated for the game is good too. The visuals are spot on and you'll appreciate the ambiance that it brings. Control thes...

Flood Runner 4

396 Played0 Comments

Run for your life and don't let this hug dinosaur get you. This game is actually pretty challenging but as you get the hang of things it's not that difficult. Good timing is the key. If you fall, you'll get a lot of c...

Fireboy and Watergirl 4

669 Played0 Comments

Enter the world of Fireboy and Watergirl in this fourth installment. This multiplayer co op game is definitely fun and engaging. Play the game with your friend or play alone, it's still a fun game. Although, it's bett...

Vortex Point 2

398 Played0 Comments

Investigate a crime and be the one to solve it. The game is really fun and also creepy. You'll venture from one place to another searching for clues. You'll enjoy the gameplay of this game. Talk to people and find inf...

Zombie Head Mars

409 Played0 Comments

Launch your zombie and grab all the money. The money is used for upgrading your equipment and skills. The more upgrades you have the better. The game isn't boring and it's actually quite fun especially if all you upgr...

Skull Kid

645 Played0 Comments

You're skull kid. Kill everything that stands in your way. You have your own chainsaw, use it and kill everyone. The game is pretty fun and very simple. All you need to do is move around the area and cut people and ot...

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